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Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping

EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques is an amazing set of techniques that can help with an issue you may have that has got some emotional content. Yes, it seems to good to be true and it looks strange until you understand a bit more. Ask me any questions, take some sessions, find out more.

  • Its safe
  • Easy to learn
  • Can be used by any age
  • Useful for any issue that has emotional content

What can I use it for?

  • In the moment – eg panic, fear, pain, shock, relaxation
  • In session work for more complex or entrenched issues – see article below (page 2) for full sample list
  • As a daily gratitude practise

Click on page 2 for practical uses and more info

The new EFT research outlines that usefulness of techniques like EFT on physical diseases to address the somatic metaphors of patients’ meanings and subjective stories, often referred to as “symbolic diseases.
Assessing the psychosocial and existential aspects of an illness as a routine part of medical diagnostic procedures is valuable for patients. EFT offers promise as a suitable therapeutic approach to help chronic disease patients make sense of their life stories and lived experiences, and consequently, symbolic meanings of diseases

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  1. Angela
    July 8, 2020 / 7:32 pm

    How can counselling help? Interview data with clients suggests five distinctive (albeit interrelated) processes of change:

    1. INSIGHT LEADS TO BEHAVIOUR CHANGE: Learning about yourself, others, and why you can end up doing unhelpful things can help you make more helpful choices about what to do.

    2. GETTING THINGS OFF CHEST. Talking about things to someone who cares and listens can lead to a sense of unburdening: not carrying so much stuff alone.

    3. LEARNING COPING METHODS. Advice and guidance from the counsellor can help you find better ways of dealing with things.

    4. DEVELOPING RELATIONAL ABILITIES. Trusting and opening out to the therapist can help develop the ability to communicate better with others in your life.

    5. ENHANCING SELF-ACCEPTANCE. Telling your real experiences to someone who values and accepts you can lead you to feel more positive about yourself.

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