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Guidelines – 9.15 to Grounding – Zoom group

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Hi there, I’d like to invite you to a Zoom group for adults created to support and connect. I’ve called it 9.15 to Grounding.

We are a travel company with a difference. Wherever you at 9.15 any weekday morning you can benefit from hopping onto the 915 To Grounding Zoom line to start your day. Connect with us and fellow commuters to share some positive wellbeing tips and reflections with each other.

Christine Moran of Positive Energy Being is your driver but everyone has the chance to help the journey move in a positive direction. For those of you who may not know me, Positive Energy Being have been in existence since 2004 supporting wellbeing and mental health needs of adults and young people. Take a look at background and other services.

Group Agreement for 9.15 to Grounding

The 9.15 to Grounding group is an adult dial in group on Zoom launched 19th March 2020 created to provide support given the new recent challenges faced worldwide. 

The 915 to Grounding call will run from 9.15 to 9.40am every weekday

We can support each other in our various self isolation situations and grow in ways that we might have never expected. The main aim of this group is to share positive connection and support

If you feel the need for more specific emotional or therapeutic input and support, 1-1 sessions are one recommendation. Hop on here. And please use other information sources and forums if you wish to make more than a passing reference to Coronavirus specifically.

Feel free to Invite your colleagues, friends and family on the 9.15 to Grounding journey too. I’m inviting you to help make this group popular, supportive and successful. 

Unlike most regular commuter journeys you may start at any position – positive, ok, not ok, motivated, worried, or other. We benefit more when we are authentic and bring our whole self on the journey

Please show respect for others views and opinions. We all have different starting points. Interesting growth happens when we open our ears.

Confidentiality. Even though we will focus on the positive, its super fine to share personal or sensitive details. Passengers need to feel supported and safe and details needs to remain within the 915 to Grounded group.

It’s a journey not a destination. 

Positive Energy Being – Christine Moran, me! can offer most forms of support including 1-1 sessions outside of this group.

No standing on the seats but you are welcome to bring along your breakfast, sing, laugh and have fun. 

If you are able to pay £2.00 per session it will support the ongoing of the group. Thanks. Please pay to:

Christine Moran         Sort Code  20-37-15     Account Number   50009261

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