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Adult 1-1 session feedback

Mental Health First Aid training delivery evaluation

Hi Christine, Thank you so much for running such an excellent workshop for us at LYR, there was a really good feedback from my colleagues. I look forward to us hopefully keeping touch

Outreach Coach – Attended Youth Mental Health Awareness

Airline Pilot and Cadet Leader – Online MHFA training

Hi Christine, Thanks. Another great course. Very helpful. What other courses do you do, please?

Mentor and Coach – Online MHFA training

On line MHFA Training – Schools Lead

Connect 5 feedback – What participants found most useful: Facilitator – Christine Moran

Session 1

“Using the different exercises really lifted my confidence and understanding.”

“The topic discussions were very useful and good to consider the different perceptions.”

“Calm, organised facilitation.”

“Well structured course. Easy to understand and very applicable to workplace needs.”

“Reflected on my own practice. Useful to freshen my skills and approach using this common framework with work colleagues.”

“Appreciating the models will be so useful in our work.”

“The five areas model and the opportunities to interrupt the vicious cycle to support service users. Can’t wait for the next session of training.”

Session 2

“Putting the five areas model into practice. It was brilliant to have time dedicated to practice the tools and skills properly. It makes such a difference when using them back in the workplace.”

“Well presented, great practice time opportunities and a very thought provoking session.”

“Very informative introduction to exploring increasing risk and stepping up and asking difficult questions.”

“The people characters created really useful and safe skills practice.”

Session 3

“Packed with useful tools and approaches to use in interrupting the vicious cycle and improving wellbeing.”

“Very enjoyable course and I feel very confident about applying skills and tools with our clients.”

“Great to be trained with a toolkit of approaches that are universal for all the staff.”

“This course has been so useful and I recommend it for all frontline workers. It provides you with the confidence and practical tools for your service users safely and effectively.”

“The course helped me re-evaluate both my skills and also areas for development. Excellent delivery.”

“I usually avoid skills practice but as the scenarios are so like my real role it was not only fine but amazingly helpful.”

“I thoroughly recommend the course to any front line workers who have wellbeing conversations within their role. The tools can be used in brief or more comprehensively, safely ie. not therapy.”

“Very practical for my job role. People friendly techniques are proving very useful. Christine is a knowledgeable trainer and she made the sessions very informative and accessible.”

Mind 2019 – Impact evaluation of MHFA training (Adult and Youth) – Instructor – Christine Moran

1. Summarise how you’ve implemented your mental health first aid training in the workplace? (E.g. we meet once a week now to discuss mental health, we use wellbeing action plans, we have regular 1-1’s).  

” I use the material provided in the folder to adapt for people with learning disabilities and/or autism in order to do weekly mental health welfare checks and updates with the people we support. I am now more confident in my approach when supporting people with mental health needs and have benefited from understanding my strengths and influences, and how this has an impact on my work ensuring I monitor and adapt my approach in practise. I have always been a good listener and empathetic character type, but it has supported me to further adapt the way I support my peers in stressful situations or in team discussion.”

Attendee from Adult Charity

I have used the ALGEE process in my work with a young person recently which worked well.

– Council Attendee

– In May we will also be holding a parent workshop whereby we will talk about our wellbeing initiative as a school and have invited CAMHS to come along and attend too.

– Attendee from a School 

– I have regular 121 visits with my team members and ensure that MH is one of the areas we discuss during our meetings.  Everyone is encouraged to talk to me openly and I ensure that our conversations stay confidential.

– Council Attendee

– I implemented the training with myself by accepting the stresses and stop expecting miracles form myself. With staff by having discussions about how they are doing and finding more time to chat with them and send them positive emails

– Charity Attendee

2. Can you describe if you’ve had an incident in the workplace where mental health first aid has been needed and if possible, describe the outcome? (Please omit any names this is anonymous for evaluation purposes only and all company names will be removed). 

– I take more time to listen to my colleagues and spend more time asking them how they are feeling.

– Council attendee

– Fortunately, we have not had to have a mental health first aid conversation with children around suicide, but my colleague and I who attended the training, have had to have many conversations with children to calm them down after a panic attack or after feeling very anxious. l

– Attendee from primary school

– One of my team members have recently had a bereavement, this has had an adverse effect on her MH, I had a very long conversation with her, I signposted her to some relevant services.  We also discussed referring to OH but decided to not do that yet.  I also recommended she links in with her GP for advice.  This is still ongoing, and I am meeting with her regularly, so she feels supported.

– Council Attendee 

– One of the students had a crisis few days after the training where he tried to walk on front of the driving car. The staff who support him called me and I was able to be more understanding with the students and address his needs. After few minutes we walked back to the centre and he was able to discuss the situation with me.

– Charity Attendee

I attended sessions to build on my understanding and practice of EFT

Before seeing Christine I had tried other approaches with other therapists, without very much meaningful progress.

The sessions helped me to deepen my understanding of EFT, including its usefulness with my own clients, and work on personal issues

A surprising result has been the support and love from others in the EFT practice group

Outside of sessions I watch videos, read and constantly challenge and broaden my CPD

Other people noticed that I am following sessions much more calm and confident

I would recommend Christine because she is non-judgmental but also provokes in a humorous and non-threatening way

I attend the Adult peer practise and support group, I work alone and benefit from sharing ideas and support from others

I have attended trainings on EFT Levels 1, 2 & 3 and would say that …they are excellent introductions but a lot of practice and follow-on trainings are essential

As a trainer, Christine combines a wealth of knowledge of many different psychological approaches, and is warm, supportive and challenging

1-1 session feedback – Adults and Youth

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