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Positive Energy Being – February news

Hello there, it’s been a busy few weeks. Take a look at what’s been going on behind the scenes at Positive Energy Being. Whether you are looking for help personally for yourself or you would like to book training or join a group then there’s something we can offer.

  1. Our Services
  2. Recent Partnership Work & Trainings
  3. Adult Peer Support Group
  4. New charity EFT status
  5. Time to Talk
  6. Sharing Kindness

Author, Trainer, Consultant and Practitioner Christine Moran leads Positive Energy Being enterprise

We can help you with

anxiety          phobias         fear        stress          trauma    

depression          physical pain        chronic disorders

relationships     bereavement     guilt       anger     abuse

exceptional learning challenges   confidence     self harm

exam and sports anxiety     PTSD     OCD

self worth     limiting beliefs   shame     cravings & addictions


“When people ask me ‘Can you help me with my issue?’       the answer, ‘is there likely to be any emotional content in the issue? If the answer is yes then we can make progress.”


 Services available

Hourly one-to-one sessions face to face or skype

Group meetings, peer groups and workshops

Accredited training, supervision and mentoring

Bespoke school and FE programmes

Support agency partnerships


Individual Sessions
Standard & Bespoke Workshops & Training
Consulting Room, Skype & On site

1-1 Sessions, Groups, Workshops and Peer Support Groups
Training for Adults and Workplace
Consulting Room, Skype and on site

Children and Young People
                                           Children & Young People, Early Help Specialist, Safeguarding,                                                                                         Parenting, Education & Multi-Agency work STEM Science Ambassador                                                University Student support


Christine Moran author of book Introducing Emotional Freedom Techniques. Contact on 07548 690170 or email

Recent Partnership Work & Trainings






“Great delivery. Have thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

“Great course full of information and fantastic delivery. Christine very knowledgeable.”

“Good mix of PowerPoints and tasks. Very engaging.”

“Brilliant course. Would recommend. Very good balance of activities. Very informative and well delivered.”

“Excellent two days! Lots of information presented well by Christine. Thank You!”

“Taught in a good way, Christine very approachable.”

“Christine easy to engage with. Lots of participation from attendees.”

 Adult Peer Support Group


Friday February 9th at 10.30am until 12.00pm. Little Chalfont

£10.00 for the session. Introduce a friend. First session free for both of you.

Email or call 07548 690170 for more details

Please confirm your space before attending.                    See you there.


New charity EFT status

AAMET International has officially been granted UK charitable status and are listed with the Charity Commission.  This means AAMET International is the only EFT organisation in the world with this status.

  • People trust charities. This status, along with the large and growing body of good, sound research into the efficacy of EFT is positively changing perceptions of us.

It is an important step on the road to gaining wider recognition for AAMET International and for EFT with other professionals and professional organisations.

Our clients will be able to have even more confidence in us knowing we belong to an organisation with high training and practice standards, strict regulation, and strong support for practitioners.

UK members will be able to gift aid membership fees. This will help us raise further funds for the wonderful work of advancing EFT.

AAMET International now has even more stringent scrutiny. Being a charity means having trustees whose job is to have an oversight of how we operate.


Time to Talk

It’s easy to think there’s no right place to talk about mental health. But the more we talk about it, the better life is for all of us.

Too many people with mental health problems are made to feel isolated, worthless and ashamed. Time to Talk Day is a chance for all of us to be more open about mental health – to talk, to listen, to change lives.

Wherever you are – at home, at work or up the top of a mountain! – have your conversation about mental health this Time to Talk Day.

If you are planning a workplace event, take a look at our communications pack for employers.

If you are planning to get involved at home or in your community, check out our community communications pack.

Working in a school? Sign up to receive lesson plans and assemblies 


Sharing Kindness


To obtain your free copies of your acts of kindness postcard simply email Christine or pick up at the next Adult Practise Group.





Christine Moran   – Wellbeing & Mental Health Specialist -Working with Individuals, Families, Children’s Services, Education and Business
Author, Trainer, Consultant and Practitioner
Bsc Psychology (Hons), MBPsS
Royal Society Public Health Connect 5 Mental Health & Wellbeing Trainer
Mental Health First Aid Trainier
Practitioner of MBTI, NLP and Heartmath
MISP .b Mindfulness teacher
Psychology Teacher and Adult Tutor

Thanks for reading. Get in touch or comment below 



Youth MHFA – delegates invest in the young case characters mental health journey to recovery

Recent delegate feedback on Youth Mental Health First Aid course

Great delivery. Have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It’s clear to see how this will benefit my role,”

“Excellent course full of information and fantastic delivery.”

“Christine very knowledgeable”

“Good mix of presentation and tasks. Very engaging.”

“Brilliant course. Would recommend.”

“Very good balance of activities and presentation. Very good manual to take home. Very informative and well delivered.”

“Excellent two days! Lots of information presented well by Christine. Thank You!”

“Christine very personable and my knowledge and confidence in mental health issues greatly improved.”

“Taught in a good way, Christine very approachable.”

“Christine very insightful.”

“Christine easy to engage with. Lots of participation from attendees.”

“Manual really informative.”




Book review by Judy Byrne EFT Founding Master, BA Psychology

Introducing Emotional Freedom Techniques                                                                         Author – Christine Moran  Bsc MBPsS

I am impressed by a new EFT book, Introducing Emotional Freedom Techniques by Christine Moran. The book is more modestly titled than it needs to be. It does, as it says on the tin, introduce EFT. But it goes on to do much, much more. It has loads of case histories. It describes how to use it in many problem contexts. It not only explains what EFT is but sets it in a context of psychology, neurology, physiology, and quantum physics as well as therapy.

Christine has a background as a psychology teacher and an educational coach for children of primary school age. She has had years of experience creating resources and developing programmes. Her expertise shows in this book.

I found particularly interesting reading about Christine’s experience of using EFT with children with exceptional learning needs. Few people have had the broad first-hand experience Christine does in this working with children.

I also loved the case history actually written by a mother whose baby daughter was born with a duct in the heart. I won’t spoil the story but It ended: “.. and when I tell the doctors who have been looking after us, they all say that what has happened is like a miracle.”

Working with children is just one section of what is an extremely comprehensive manual. It is also very clear. It will be valuable not only to beginners but also to experienced EFTers. It is 279 pages of A4, so more like double that of “ordinary” book size pages, and content-rich enough to justify its size.

It is too large to read in bed or carry around in a handbag to dip into on journeys but it certainly deserves its space on any EFT therapists’ bookshelf both to use for additional study and for reference.

07548 690170

Bsc Psy(Hons) AAMET Advanced Practitioner & Trainer
Practitioner of MBTI and NLP. Connect 5 Trainer. Mental Health First Aid Trainer. MISP facilitator
Member of BPS, AAMET, BAPT, Teacher and Tutor
EFT Research UK – Research Committee
UK Coordinator of AAMET EFT CYP Practitioners forum
Regional AAMET representative and STEM Science Ambassador for Schools

1-1 Sessions, Groups, Workshops and Training for Adults, Children & Young People,
Schools and Children’s Support Agencies.
Consulting Room, Skype and on site

Other resources from Positive Energy Beings





Start the year learning a way to protect yourself from other people’s negative energy

Using the ZIP UP energy exercise


We can all feel the exposed or affected by other people’s negative energy from time to time. Energetically we can be  unprotected leaving us too open to other people’s thoughts and feelings, as well as your own. A meridian energy exercise which stimulates our Central Meridian enhances our body’s natural way to protect ourselves. The ‘Zipping Up” from the pubic bone to the lower lip strengthens this Meridian.  By tracing the energy flowing through the meridian allows you to feel more confident, more positive, more centred, to think more clearly, and protects your system from negative energies.

You can do the zip up as part of your daily routine (eg morning) and as often as you wish throughout the day. It’s a great technique to use when feeling sensitive to threat or in any social situation or other people’s energies.

  1. To begin, briskly tap (7 –10 times) on the end points of your collarbones (this is the K27 points on the kidney meridians) to ensure that energy in your meridians is moving in a forward direction. 
  2. Rub the palms of your hands together in a circular direction.  
  3. Place both hands, palms facing the body, at the start of the central meridian, which is at your pubic bone. Inhale deeply as you pull your hands slowly and firmly straight up the centre of your body to meet your lower lip, where the meridian ends. Imagine pulling up a zip to close it. 
  4. As you exhale firstly bring your hands past your lips and extend your arms up to the sky, connecting your central meridian with your aura and energy beyond you and then arc your arms and hands sideways and down returning your hands to the starting position.  
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 twice more.

Saying affirmations while doing this exercise is extremely powerful. While you zip up, it may be helpful to say “I am clear, centred, and confident” or something else that will help become more confident in your specific situation. Also imagine that you are locking the zipper in place after you are done and hiding the key to prolong the technique’s effect.


Adapted From: Energy Medicine by Donna Eden


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