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Positive Energy Being – February News II

Hello everyone. Well February has nearly flown by. There is both sunshine and snow out the office window at the moment. Take a look at what’s been going on behind the scenes at Positive Energy Being. Whether you are looking for help personally for yourself or you would like to book training, look at new resources or join a group then there’s something we can offer.                                                Christine  – Positive Energy Being


  • Our Services
  • Upcoming partnership work & trainings
  • New PHSE resource about to be released
  • PAT Bear back in stock
  • EFT chapter in book release
  • Adult Peer Support Group
  • Sharing Kindness




Author, Trainer, Consultant and Practitioner Christine Moran leads Positive Energy Being enterprise

 We can help you with

anxiety          phobias         fear        stress          trauma    

depression          physical pain        chronic disorders

relationships     bereavement     guilt       anger     abuse

exceptional learning challenges   confidence     self harm

exam and sports anxiety     PTSD     OCD

self worth     limiting beliefs   shame     cravings & addictions

“When people ask me ‘Can you help me with my issue?’ the answer, ‘is there likely to be any emotional content in the issue? If the answer is ‘yes’ then we can make progress.”

 Services available

Hourly one-to-one sessions face to face or skype

Group meetings, peer groups and workshops

Accredited training, supervision and mentoring

Bespoke school and FE programmes

Support agency partnerships


Individual Sessions
Standard & Bespoke Workshops & Training
Consulting Room, Skype & On site

1-1 Sessions, Groups, Workshops and Peer Support Groups
Training for Adults and Workplace
Consulting Room, Skype and on site

Children and Young People
                                           Children & Young People, Early Help Specialist, Safeguarding,                                                                                         Parenting, Education & Multi-Agency work, STEM Science Ambassador                                            University Student support


Over the coming month we will be involved in –

Connect 5 sessions and MISP work in schools and colleges

Eating Disorders Awareness Week


Political Toolkit


NEW PHSE TEACHING RESOURCE  #politicaltoolkit    #createyourownelection


Pre press release enquiries to Christine Moran – email or call 07548 690170


PAT Bear

In stock again. Shop is being re-launched in the next two weeks. In the meantime all enquiries by email or call 07548 690170

“I use PAT bear so often in sessions. My clients of all ages love  to use the bear to ‘voice’ what is going on for them. Externalising the problem sometimes helps to get to the stuff that they may find it difficult to express. Some people tap for their stuff on PAT’s points. The effects are always positive, often speedy and invariably permanent. PAT is also fabulous as a teaching tool with children or in adult group work or formal training when teaching about the tapping points.”



Motivational Interviewing: Children and Young People III ” Education and Community Settings ”  Dr Eddie McNamara


Chapter contribution by Christine Moran – Using MI and Emotional Freedom Techniques with Young People.


Buy on Amazon

This third publication in the Motivational Interviewing with Children and Young People series is intended to continue to share with interested parties the ever-growing applications of MI with this population and begins to look more closely at the issues of the degree to which the principles of intervention are consistently represented within a planned intervention programme (integrity) and ii) evaluation of the effectiveness of intervention.

Reader review

“This publication of the series keeps up the very high standard of the previous two publications. The wide range of applications, from class room management to self harming behaviours, exemplifies the wide ranging applications of motivational interviewing. A very practical and useful book for those working with children and young people targeting behaviour change.”



Friday March 9th at 10.30am until 12.00pm. Little Chalfont

£10.00 for the session. Introduce a friend. First session free for both of you.

Email or call 07548 690170 for more details

Please confirm your space before attending.                    See you there.




Sharing Kindness

 To obtain your free copies of your acts of kindness postcard simply email Christine or pick up at the next Adult Practise Group.

Christine Moran   – Wellbeing & Mental Health Specialist -Working with Individuals, Families, Children’s Services, Education and Business

Author, Trainer, Consultant and Practitioner
Bsc Psychology (Hons), MBPsS
Royal Society Public Health Connect 5 Mental Health & Wellbeing Trainer
Mental Health First Aid Trainier
Practitioner of MBTI, NLP and Heartmath
MISP .b Mindfulness teacher
Psychology Teacher and Adult Tutor

Thanks for reading. Get in touch or comment below 


“All my staff have confirmed that Connect 5 sessions are the most useful training they have ever been on.”

 Contact Christine Moran or call on 07548 690170 to discuss how your employees or volunteers can benefit.


How PAT bear can help you TAP and neutralise painful emotional issues


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