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World Mental Health – Take 5 minutes to create a great plan

It takes less than 5 mins !

Take the 5 minute Mind Plan quiz to create a simple, achievable wellbeing plan

The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10 October every year.

We encourage people to look after their mental health all year round, but today is a great opportunity to consider the different ways that we can boost our wellbeing, and to start a conversation about mental health.

This week saw the launch of Every Mind Matters, a campaign from Public Health England and the NHS providing information and ideas for your wellbeing. It’s great to see so many people talking about mental health.

Watch the Every Mind Matters video

Take the 5 minute Mind Plan quiz to create a simple, achievable wellbeing plan

Here are some tips for looking after your wellbeing – this World Mental Health Day and beyond:

Stay active

Physical activity can really help with keeping your mood positive. Even if you are very busy, find time to do some exercise you enjoy – we know it’s getting colder but consider hopping off the tube a stop earlier and walking the rest of the way, avoid the lift and take the stairs or sign up to an impromtu exercise class after work!

Get enough sleep

Often sleep is a casualty when we are stressed, anxious or depressed, but we know it is vital for our wellbeing. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine in the evening. Have some wind-down time before going to bed and try and keep to a regular sleep routine. Avoid looking at screens in bed, even mobile phones. Finally, consider your sleep environment (such as light, temperature and noise), and make sure it is comfortable and conducive to sleeping!

Give yourself space

If it’s all getting a bit hectic, take time out – even if it’s brief! Go for a walk, have a cuppa with a colleague (away from your desk), listen to music.

Eat regular meals

It can be tempting to overdo it but keeping your routine, eating plenty of fruit and veg, and drinking enough water will help keep stress at bay.

Stay supported

You are not alone! Stay connected to your sources of support and if you’re not sure where to turn, you’ll find details of some useful organisations here.

and most importantly… look out for each other! 


Why ‘zipping up’ helps to improve confidence and feel less threatened.

The Zip Up exercise

What is it ? Why do it?

  • The central meridian is one of the two energetic pathways feeding to the central nervous system. The central meridian pathway starts at your pubic bone and finishes at your bottom lip
  • The exercise strengthens your central meridian circuit by grounding, and centring. The effect is to lift your spirits, boost confidence and clear negative thought patterns
  • The zip up protects against negative outside energies – it creates a strong boundary/ protective field around your body and reduces vulnerability to people and environments
  • Using the zip-up technique on the central meridian enhances the energetic protection
  • Stay protected and teach this technique to loved ones.
  • The exercise can be part of the five-minute daily energy routine to boost immunity and maintain balanced health and energy

Let’s do it !!

Step 1     Briskly tap or massage on K-27 (kidney points). The points are located below our collarbone near our shoulder where it dips. This first step encourages that the body’s electrical energy moves in a positive forward direction.

You can choose to cross over your hands and arms to massage the points at the same time on opposite sides – this will help cross over our energies which move asymmetrically to heal and energise and will also cross over our right and left brain hemispheres.

Step 1 – Stimulate forward energy movement

Step 2   Now place both hands over the area at the bottom end of the central meridian – at your pubic bone.

Steps 2 and 3

Step 3     Take a deep breath in as you pull your hands slowly and deliberately, straight up in one continuous movement up the centre of your body to your lower lip. This pulls and traces the energy upwards.

This movement protects the central meridian and pulls energy upward

Make an affirmation as you are zipping up either in your mind or out loud such as; ‘I am safe, I am loved.’ Saying an affirmation whilst tracing your central meridian strengthens the central meridian and picks up your own thoughts and feelings as well as others affecting your energy. It can work in changing your beliefs and actions about and toward yourself and others, goals you want to achieve, and problems you want to resolve.

Exhale that breath and as you do keeping dragging the energy straight up over your face and above your head as far as your hands reach then circle out back downward in a large circle ending at the pelvis area.

This movement connects your energy and intention with your aura and universal energies.

Step 4     Repeat steps 2 and 3 three more times.

When can us it? ….. anytime

  • Choose to do as part of your morning wake up routine
  • Nip to the bathroom and do the zip up before a difficult meeting or when you tend to feel exposed or challenged.

What people say about using the zip up exercise

I cannot recommend this energy exercise enough. Not only has it helped me on numerous occasions when I was not feeling good, it has also helped my overall confidence over time. Friends and colleagues have noticed the changes and I have shared the exercise with them. Thanks so much Christine, you always know the best recommendations.

Used this exercise as I have difficult work relationships. All I can say is that it works!!!! Has made my days easier to manage. So simple. Thank you.

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