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The Mental Health Challenge

Since the Government introduced measures around social distancing in response to the Covid-19 spread, Britons have been required to isolate, reduce contact with others, and change the way we interact with friends, neighbours and colleagues. From the moment these measures were announced, there has been concern from a number of sources about the toll that adapting could take on individuals’ mental health. 

Health authorities and Mental Health Charities have done incredible work putting out resources to help those who may be experiencing problems at this time. Health Charity Mind has outlined many possible difficulties that, if you’re forced to stay at home, you may struggle with and that could affect your mental health. Likewise, the NHS have released a guide to keeping your mind healthy while at home as part of the ‘Every Mind Matters’ initiative. 

The unprecedented challenges presented by the crisis meant that mental health was a clear area in which digital solutions might provide effective support to those facing difficulties. To help companies identify areas of particular importance, TechForce19 split the mental health challenge into 4 sub themes, detailed below:

  • Discovering and delivering mental health services
  • Accessing relevant and inclusive peer 2 peer communities
  • Supporting self-management of mental health and well-being
  • Facilitating employee well-being

The chosen companies

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