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MHFA Mental Health Skills for Managers

MHFA England  – Mental Health Skills for Managers course for people managers.

Virtual classroom on the MHFA England Online Learning Hub

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify if a team member may be experiencing mental health issues​
  • Confidently have open conversations about mental health at work​
  • Appropriately signpost your team members to available support, and know where to go for support and guidance yourself

The course will feel:

  • Immersive – we will share models with you and give you time and space to practise, observe, provide feedback, and receive it yourself
  • Grounded in reality – you will be able to adapt scenarios and practice conversations that feel reflective of your place of work
  • Practical – you will have the opportunity to engage as a wider group and in smaller groups, with a chance to try things out and work out how it feels to have these conversations virtually
  • Person-centred – we will give you tools to take care of your mental health and wellbeing as a manager, as well as what you can do to empower your teams

Course structure

Mental health spectrum: The importance of knowing your team, knowing yourself, and early warning signs
Stress and workplace stressors: The Stress Container and barriers to mental health conversations
Preparing for mental health conversations: Preparing for virtual conversations and managing remotely
Mental health conversation cycle: Effective questions, active listening, empathic responses, supporting and signposting
Wellbeing and stress in the workplace: Using the Stress Container for yourself
Commitments to change: What to do next to embed learning
Brilliant skills improvement for our managers in one afternoon. A very efficient investment
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